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Mango Paper Carry Bag Manufacturers Paper Carry Bag Dealers India is the Leading Paper Bag Manufacturers in India. We are specialized in all kinds of Paper Carry Bags.

We supply Carry Bags for Computer Shops, Mobile Shops, Watch Shops, Cosmetic Shops, Book sellers, Clothing, Jewelry shops etc. Our Paper Bags are available in various sizes and colors, upon the client’s need. The durable Carry Bags are supplied to all the clients for carrying and hanging. Another thing is we manufacturing handmade carry bags .

Our bags are characterized by their unique concepts, designs, friendly cost stricture, strength and easy availability. We have built an advanced Infrastructural facility equipped with the latest technology machines that have the features to produce the most functional best appearing product range.

Quality Policy:
Mango Carry Bags is committed to manufacture and supply of Paper Carry Bags to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction by being internationally competitive in Quality, Delivery & Price. This is achieved through Continual improvements.
Why Paper Carry Bags

You may think why to use paper bags, why Mango Paper Carry Bags, also it may arise in your mind that the paper bags are manufactured by wood pulp and amounts to deforestation????

The answer is that almost papers are decomposable, hence how much ever you use it, the process of decomposition is not a difficult task. Also the process of decomposition of paper bags will take just 1 month. Whereas the decomposition process of plastic bags is that of 100 – 1000 years!!!. Unless the plastic is specially designed to decompose in the soil, such material can last a very long time because the chemical bonds that hold the molecules together are often stronger due to which may cause (causing) serious danger to the nature. As a result decomposition of plastic is a highly dangerous and finally it will cost more than the plastic value.

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